beef and broccoli – crockpot style!

i love beef and broccoli, but am not crazy about the version ordered from the local chinese restaurants. the beef is often questionable, and the broccoli tends to be overcooked. not to mention the dish being crammed full of frightening msg! imagine the excitement when i came across this easy peasy recipe on pinterest!

the boyfriend has mondays off, so this week i put him to work and was treated to an almost ready-made dinner when i got home.


i’m not entirely sure if i’m allowed to copy the recipe here or not (the terms of use page on the blog was a bit confusingly ‘legalese’, if you know what i mean?), so i’ve included the link below.

the one thing we did differently was to use fresh broccoli instead of frozen (again, i’m not a fan of mushy broccoli.. which is what i’ve experienced in the past when using frozen). i quickly steamed it so it was not quite cooked to perfect, and added it to the crockpot when the cornstarch mix was added.

my only complaint about this recipe is that the sauce didn’t really thicken and ended up staying a watery consistency. this was fine, because the rice sopped it up quite nicely, but we were expecting more of a thick-ish sauce.

beef 2

it tasted delicious so i’m not complaining. we’ll definitely be making it again. especially because it gives us an excuse to use the crockpot.

bon appétit!



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  1. finally! a version of beff with broccoli that I can make at home! Thanks for stoping by

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